Jurassic SWD’s Founder and Managing Member, Dennis R. Kittler has been in the upstream side of the energy industry for more than four decades of crude oil producing operations involving exploration and production of hundreds of oil and gas wells both onshore and offshore USA (See Management Team Section). Jurassic SWD, LLC (“JSWD”) was formed by Mr. Kittler to meet the growing need for saltwater disposal facilities specifically in the Permian Basin in West Texas now considered the biggest oil boom in more than a century.  Kittler’s extensive knowledge and experience in drilling and producing crude oil also involved the disposing of the associated formation saltwater that is produced with crude oil.  the average Permian Basin oil well produces 650 to 1,000 barrels of oil per day. This oil production will also produce a ratio of 10:1 barrels of saltwater per day. It was this situation that created a change in the direction in Mr. Kittler’s operations away from drilling higher risk oil and gas wells towards meeting the incredible demand by operators and producers in the Permian Basin to dispose of such volumes of saltwater their wells produce daily.

Thus, Mr. Kittler had the foresight and vision to see the incredible business opportunities have opened up. With so much oil potential within the Permian Basin, it is now one of the top oil plays in the USA. Oil producers large and small are flocking to unlock its energy resources.  The most exciting aspect is that the risk factors are minimum and the economic potential is nearly unlimited.  JSWD management believes this business opportunity will spend the least amount of capital, yet, have very high potential investment returns to the business owners of such a facility.

For the past several months, Jurassic SWD, LLC has been actively evaluating the Permian Basin as to the best locations to build a Class II Saltwater Disposal Facility. Such locations need to be close to active county roads and highways. And, where producers are drilling the most wells. The Permian Basin stretches 250 miles wide and 300 miles long.  It is divided between  the Delaware Basin on the west, the Central Basin Platform in the middle, and the Midland Basin to the east.  Currently, JSWD management is in discussions with several SWD companies that are seeking saltwater disposal facilities that they can either truck or pipeline produced saltwater for disposal.

Class II Saltwater Disposal Facility



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