Business Opportunity 


Jurassic SWD’s Dennis Kittler and partber, York Yu clearly recognized that the economics of owning a saltwater disposal facility afforded the potential to generate a significant return on investment year in and out. These two partners were then committed to move from drilling oil and gas wells into the SWD business in the Permian Basin.  Jurassic SWD, LLC was off and running.  JSWD decided that drilling a highly in demand saltwater disposal well along with a state-of-the-art injection disposal surface facility for produced formation saltwater and other completion fluids had a significantly less risk factor than drilling an oil or gas well!  Economically, a state-of-the-art saltwater disposal facility design (including the SWD Permit, acquiring the land, and drilling an SWD well) costs approximately $6 to $8 million.  The cost of drilling an average Permian Basin horizontal oil well could exceed $10 to $12 million or more.  An individual does not need crude oil prices to be $60 or $70 or higher to make a significant profit in the SWD business.  Jurassic SWD, LLC has now participated in funding the construction of four (4) full service, fully automated Class II salt water disposal facility permitted to inject 25,000 to 30,000 barrels of saltwater per day plus 50 to 100 barrels of skim oil to be recovered from the produced saltwater prior to injection.


The business of saltwater disposal has never been more important to the development of the Permian Basin. With the multitude of oil companies now in full lease acquisition and production mode, oil production has reached record levels and increasing.  As oil production rises, so too does the production of produced formation salt water and frac fluids created during the oil retrieval process. The advent of new oil and gas wells coming online and the recent use of slick water fracturing has created an unprecedented demand for commercial Class II Saltwater Disposal Wells and Facilities.  Slick water fracturing is a method or system of hydro-fracturing which involves adding chemicals to water to increase the fluid flow rather than the traditional gelled fluid.  This slick water fluid can be pumped down the wellbore as fast as 100 barrels per minute to fracture the shale. On average, it takes an Operator 350 days to apply for the SWD Permit, acquire the lease, drill the SWD Well and complete the construction of the surface equipment for the Class II Saltwater Disposal Facility. 



 This business opportunity involving SWD facilities does not involve taking the same risks that one has had to endure when investing in the drilling of an exploration or wildcat oil well.  This is a business opportunity of developing a new or possibly expanding an existing SWD facility.  Jurassic SWD’s goal is to set up Class II saltwater disposal facilities in the Permian Basin where it’s needed.   Depending on what part of the oil production you’re evaluating, you are going to get different levels of produced water. SWD operators will multiply the barrels of water produced each day at a well by the number of wells as the beginning to strategically locate where best to build a Class II saltwater disposal well and facility.  Part of the equation is to facilitate the use of tanker and vacuum trucks to haul their saltwater to the facility but also to attempt the oil producers to send their saltwater down a pipeline system and bring it to the facility in large volumes automatically.

Illustration of a Class II Saltwater Disposal Facility


Jurassic SWD, LLC is currently in discussions with several existing SWD companies and oil operators in the Permian Basin (the Delaware Basin, Central Basin Platform or the Midland Basin in west Texas) that are seeking partners to help fund and to participate in the construction of a full service, fully automated Class II saltwater disposal facility permitted to inject 25,000 to 30,000 barrels of saltwater per day featuring state-of-the-art monitoring technology that allows assesses to the facility 24 hours per day and seven days a week.



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