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Jurassic SWD, LLC (“JSWD”) is a privately owned limited liability company whose management and consultants collectively have more than 60 years of experience in the upstream oil industry drilling, operating, and producing.

Founder and Managing Member, Dennis R. Kittler, has been in the energy industry for more than three decades of crude oil producing operations involving the generating of oil and gas drilling prospects (exploration and production of hundreds of oil and gas wells) both domestic onshore and offshore USA. Mr. Kittler holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Finance and an Masters of Business (MBA) in Marketing Management. It was a natural shift into the saltwater disposal business by Mr. Kittler late in 2016 after the discovery in the Permian Basin of an additional of more than 20 - 50 billion barrels of proven oil reserves and 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves that were found through the use of new horizontal drilling extraction techniques and 3-D seismic technology.

The management team has been involved in attracting millions of dollars of capital from both international and domestic sources. The transition from drilling higher risk oil wells to drilling saltwater disposal wells and constructing surface facilities for both solid waste, saltwater disposal and recycling facilities has improved the probability for economic success exponentially.

Contact us at 281-687-5442 or to learn more about the saltwater disposal and water recycling business opportunities available in the Permian Basin in West Texas.



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